Who We Are

Helping people regain their lives is what we do. It’s why we’re here – for 28 years.

Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital is a 110-bed, inpatient acute rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. As a collaboration of UMass Memorial Health Care and HealthSouth, Fairlawn combines the expertise of two highly respected leaders in patient care.

We are the only acute rehabilitation hospital in Central Massachusetts – and that makes a big difference in the kind of care patients receive.

What’s The Difference?

Choosing the right level of rehabilitative care can make all the difference in how quickly someone becomes as independent as possible following an illness or injury.
When looking for a rehabilitation facility, it is important to know that there are essentially three levels of rehabilitative care – acute rehabilitation hospitals (like Fairlawn), skilled nursing facilities (also called SNF’s or nursing homes), and long-term care hospitals (LTCH’s).

As an acute rehabilitation hospital, Fairlawn differs from skilled nursing facilities and long term acute care hospitals because we:

    • Offer more intensive and frequent individualized therapeutic services.
    • Provide comprehensive medical care, including regular visits from medical staff.
    • Have more certified registered rehabilitation nurses who have specialized training in rehabilitation nursing.
    • Utilize a comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach to patient care.  Teams of  healthcare professionals from a variety of medical and therapeutic specialties work together to develop and implement the best rehabilitation program for each patient.


What’s More

Here at Fairlawn Rehabilitation hospital, patients are required to engage in a minimum of three hours a day of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech therapy, at least five days per week. At nursing homes, there is no minimum. At Fairlawn, patients receive consistent opportunities to continue their rehabilitation, encouraged by an on-site team who consult and address each patient’s rehabilitation individually. Our programs and our people are here to help each individual improve and succeed at their own level.

As an acute rehabilitation hospital, Fairlawn’s registered nurses are on-site 24 hours a day, attending to every patient’s individual needs. This is an important point to consider when choosing rehabilitation options, as standard nursing homes require these nurses be on site only eight hours a day.

Our hospital requires between five and seven and a half nursing hours per patient per day – an enormously beneficial consideration compared to the standard for nursing homes, which generally require just two and a half to four hours per patient.

For More Information

For a complete list of all the services Fairlawn provides, as well as information about admission options and in-home evaluations, please visit fairlawnrehab.org.

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Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital was named HealthSouth Corporation’s 2012-2013 Hospital of the Year.

“This award recognizes our commitment to provide a differentiated level of care that gets patients back on their feet and functioning in their communities,” said Dave Richer, Fairlawn’s CEO. “Our success depends on the quality of care provided to each and every patient, and we hope to be the rehabilitative provider of choice for the people of Central Massachusetts by providing an exceptional patient experience. I am very proud of all that our hospital has accomplished.”